A NYers guide to staying fly and warm during the winter season

New Yorkers are some of the most trendy, swaggyiest  people (if I say so myself) and one thing’s for sure, cold weather does not stop a great outfit! To get through this seemingly long winter season, here’s a list of ways New Yorkers stay fly and warm during the coldest time of the year.

Personal Preference: Money

Over this past week, I’ve been offered to post on Instagram promoting two dating apps. I normally wouldn’t sign up for a dating site, but since I’ve been given a free trial for a week; I figured I’d make an account and if I meet someone-cool. But other than completing my profile,  I’m not goingContinue reading “Personal Preference: Money”

I wear America around my neck but, it’s just a scarf.

Not sure if it’s in my head or not, but, while I ride the subways, or walk into public places, people stare. I don’t know how people make of it, sometimes they look, curious, they even look perplexed. I’m fully aware of the political tension around me; people are not feeling very prideful in America-especiallyContinue reading “I wear America around my neck but, it’s just a scarf.”

Finally free. Last Perm, I don’t remember, but it’s been a minute

This process of neutralizing my processed hair, made me more self aware, conscious of how I view beauty, and the type of energy I want around me.

I got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one:the bigger chop

Yesterday I cut off most of my hair, with the remainder of my hair in the center-front of my head. It was a decision I’ve been contemplating for a while, and being frustrated with my hair-again, the best way for me to deal with it has always been to cut it. Most woman who’ve neverContinue reading “I got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one:the bigger chop”

Always be ballet ready, not Brooklyn ready

The other day I met a cute guy at a New Year’s Day party. To make a long story short we exchanged numbers and have been texting ever since. It turns out he’s from Pennsylvania, recently moved to Brooklyn and was invited to the party by the owner of the venue. After texting all afternoon,Continue reading “Always be ballet ready, not Brooklyn ready”