Personal Preference: Money

Over this past week, I’ve been offered to post on Instagram promoting two dating apps. I normally wouldn’t sign up for a dating site, but since I’ve been given a free trial for a week; I figured I’d make an account and if I meet someone-cool. But other than completing my profile,  I’m not going to put much effort in searching for a potential suitor.

While filling out my preference in men, the question of income came up. Which made me think: is income a big factor for me-or is it more important to know how he’s come to make this income? Is he comfortable? Does he love what he do?” How can I have a preference of how much a man makes, when I know that I’m currently not making the money I’d like to. I’m not complaining, and have been blessed with finding ways to supplement my income. However, the current amount sitting in my bank account doesn’t account for my drive, my work ethic, or project how much I will make in the future. With that being said, selecting an income range for an ideal man doesn’t reflect his success; and/or his goals.

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Money is such a determining factor in dating preference and even how men feel about themselves and the lack thereof. Ideally; I’d love to be courted by a wealthy man. I think after season 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta everyone was looking for their “African Prince “(literally). Truthfully, I don’t care about how much money a man has. In fact it prompted me to write a poem called:

“I care”

I don’t care about a man with money.
I care about his dreams.
His aspirations.
His goals and how he executes them.
I care about his determination to himself and to his craft.
His drive.
His motivations and what keeps him going.
I care about his passions.
His interests.
His heart and how he shows compassion.
I care about his beliefs and his relationship with God.
His character.
His freedom and will to live.
Then and only then he won’t ever have to complain about money, or whether I care.

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11 responses to “Personal Preference: Money”

  1. In my personal opinion I believe that income doesnt matter in a relationship until it gets to the point where you start thinking about the long term and ultimately marriage. At that point this person will be relying on your income (as well as their own) in order to survive. But my income has always been important to ME in my relationship as is the case with a lot of other men. Society is designed where the man takes care of the woman. I will admit that our generation had broken this mold and it’s become more of a “scratch each other’s back” kind of thing but I still struggle with letting my girlfriend pay for dates and things of that nature. When I think about having a future with her I do feel like it’s my duty to make sure not only that we survive but that we’re comfortable and to be completely honest whether she contributes to that is completely optional. Don’t get me wrong we put our money together for many things and I like seeing us as a team but when it comes to my household I want her to go to work knowing I dont have to push myself to the limit because it’s being taken care of.


    • Thanks for contributing. And you’re right; I think with the feminist movement chivalry kind of lost it’s luster. In one aspect I’m independent, I don’t need or want to be “taken care of” but “just because” gifts are nice too. And I think that can go both ways.


  2. I agree !! How is his ambition set up! Is he content with his current situation or is he striving for more? That’s so important to me. I’m not where I want to be but I’m preparing for a better future. If your not where you want to be and not working towards anything, then I don’t know if your for me💁🏽. It’s really simple. You need to be prayed up and you need to know how to hustle 🤷🏽‍♀️.


  3. I agree to a certain extent. I care but i don’t care. If a man isn’t making *enough* money and is complacent…then I care. That’s never a good look 😖 by now that I read this…and the poem… there is definitely more that I care about than money. Do I enjoy being around you? Am I comfortable with you? Can you make me laugh and also have good conversations with me? If so…money isn’t so important.

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  4. In this day and age it’s important to want a relationship where both sides can pull their weight. However, from my view over here I still want my man to have old school values and head the household and allow me to pitch in as a wife, woman and mate.

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  5. Agreed! As long as he has goals, a plan and he executes his plan CONSISTENTLY, I’m good. The money will come but that’s the least of my worries. 🤷🏿‍♀️

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