I love Gemini’s and Gemini szn and here’s 10 reason’s why you do too!

This Gemini season is special because of COVID-19 pandemic and social- distancing. Spending time at home gives me time to reflect and as I sat and watched the clock switch to 12:00 am on 5/21/2020 I felt a surge of good energy and reassurance that no matter the current situation we’re all in this together. And now that it’s Gemini season some of the things that would make me feel misunderstood, I find solidarity in knowing I’m not alone in my quirky-weirdness. I decided to write about some of the top things I love about Gemini’s and being one. In no particular order here’s a list of reasons why I love Gemini’s.

7 Day Guide to Cape Town & Johannesburg South Africa

Written By: Rebecca and Sukina Added Pictures: By Mechelle Early May, my friends and I got together for a group trip to South Africa to celebrate our Queen Rebecca King’s 30th birthday. Somehow we managed to fit  what seemed like a 10 day trip into 5 days. We visited both Cape Town and Johannesburg, twoContinue reading “7 Day Guide to Cape Town & Johannesburg South Africa”

Who Celebrates Kwanzaa Anyway? A Guide to Celebrating the ONLY holiday dedicated to Black People and the African Diaspora

Growing up, I knew of Kwanzaa, I learned about the principles in school, and I knew it came the day after Christmas. However, I never really celebrated it or conceptualized who or why it was celebrated. Granted, I was on the Step-Team in HS and we’d put together Kwanzaa Showcases every year- yet, everyone around me still had no clue as to what Kwanzaa is really about.

A NYers guide to staying fly and warm during the winter season

New Yorkers are some of the most trendy, swaggyiest  people (if I say so myself) and one thing’s for sure, cold weather does not stop a great outfit! To get through this seemingly long winter season, here’s a list of ways New Yorkers stay fly and warm during the coldest time of the year.

Personal Preference: Money

Over this past week, I’ve been offered to post on Instagram promoting two dating apps. I normally wouldn’t sign up for a dating site, but since I’ve been given a free trial for a week; I figured I’d make an account and if I meet someone-cool. But other than completing my profile,  I’m not goingContinue reading “Personal Preference: Money”

Yellow “Crush on You” Lil’ Kim: and why her being a “regular” Black girl was and still is enough

She’s bold, and dynamic. Her sexual fluidity encourages me to be unapologetically sexy-no matter how uncomfortable others may seem(or how I perceive them to be.) And not to mention iconic. If the slut walk happened 20 years ago-lil Kim would most likely be the front runner of it! I think all of us had that sigh of approval once Diana Ross tapped her boob at the MTV music awards in her famous purple outfit. Did she not know what she meant and still mean to regular black girls around the world? I wish she knew.

black, single, and broke, but i still love to travel

Over the past decade, traveling has become the new black. You see much more people catching flights, especially black people. Many are still discouraged from traveling though. I’ve heard everything from: “I don’t have anyone to go with,” “that seem like a place you go with your boo-and I don’t have one” “I don’t haveContinue reading “black, single, and broke, but i still love to travel”

I wear America around my neck but, it’s just a scarf.

Not sure if it’s in my head or not, but, while I ride the subways, or walk into public places, people stare. I don’t know how people make of it, sometimes they look, curious, they even look perplexed. I’m fully aware of the political tension around me; people are not feeling very prideful in America-especiallyContinue reading “I wear America around my neck but, it’s just a scarf.”