Finally free. Last Perm, I don’t remember, but it’s been a minute

I don’t need a relaxer, my hair ain’t stressed out!

Yesterday on June 10, 2016, I did it, and cut what was left of my relaxed hair-aka the big chop. Although I’ve had short hair for 4 years now, up until this spring, it’s been relaxed majority of my life.

Since the last post, I’ve been purchasing more curl defining products, to aid to my transition. The more my natural hair grew, the more anxious I became, along with a growing interest for more organic beauty regimes. As I began my journey, I realized not only do I want natural hair, but natural products, food, oils, butters, and even people.

This process of neutralizing my processed hair, made me more self aware, conscious of how I view beauty, and the type of energy I want around me. On my 27th birthday I made an oath to myself that I’ll be the best me that I can be, and believe it or not, my hair has a lot to do with that. This morning I was able to wake up and go. The feeling is new, but also the most liberating feeling I’ve ever felt.

With short relaxed hair, I’ve always had to spend at least 15 mins curling or straighten my hair. If I got it done Friday night, the following Tuesday morning you wouldn’t notice it was just done, taking my hair much longer to do. Today , I spent 5 minutes applying leave in condition, brushed my hair and was ready to go. Waking up is a hustle for me, so to save 10 minutes is a big deal, and don’t even mention the amount of money I’m going to be saving every month!

I’m definitely not my hair, but it is a big part of my lifestyle. I do believe the shorter the better, and I always believed, as an African American woman it’s important to embrace everything that comes with it.

Today I walked out with no makeup, jeans and a tank, accessorized with a statement necklace and my favorite bracelets, I bought from a Kenyan street vendor (I love Fort Green!) and received one of the best compliments I received in my life. Two attractive black men handing out free cocacola’s (from a coke promotion truck); told me they loved the “natural look” I had going on, and was a true representation of black beauty. Whether they were spitting game or not, it made me feel proud. I’ve always been a proud person, but this new found freedom and appreciation for natural hair gave me something else to be proud about. It’s even more empowering when other people notice it too!



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