A NYers guide to staying fly and warm during the winter season

new years eve
New Years Aftermath in Times Square: Image found on google

Happy 2018! January 1st not only marks the first day of a new year, but in New York City, it’s usually the coldest day of the year. That doesn’t stop us from going out and dressing up in our “New Years” best though. New Yorkers are some of the most trendy, swaggyiest  people (if I say so myself) and one thing’s for sure, cold weather does not stop a great outfit! To get through this seemingly long winter season, here’s a list of ways New Yorkers stay fly and warm during the coldest time of the year.

Rule #1   Always have a good coat and everything else will come together        

A nice winter coat is almost a given. In the city that never sleeps a winter coat is more than a piece of outer wear that keeps you warm-its a statement! As the great Kanye West put it: “DID YOU SEE THIS COAT?!” The winter coat is reflective of your mood, type of event, and the temperature. In any borough you’re bound to see people wearing puffer coats, downs, parkas, over sized wool coats, leather jackets, and fuzzy coats (faux fur/real fur) in the most stylish colors or patterns.

Rule #2: You can never go wrong in pair of constructs                                

Mood after getting a fresh pair of construct

One thing most New Yorkers can agree on is our preference in the classic wheat Timberland Boot, also known as constructions. Even though you’d see us in a classic Ugg boot, duck boots, and other winter shoes, you can NEVER go wrong in a pair of constructs! No matter what you call them;  they go great with just about any outfit and keeps your feet warm, and dry in the most brutal winter storm.

Rule# 3: The bigger the scarf the better!

Remember that winter when Lenny Kravitz broke the internet with his big ass scarf? Everybody was hysterical about it, when I was just trynna figure out where can I find one? Winter Accessories such as scarves, ear muffs, head bands, gloves, and scully hats, are ESSENTIAL to staying warm. As much of a statement the winter coat makes, winter accessories can have everyone in the room talking-especially if paired correctly.

Rule: #4: Layering, Layering, Layering 

For the below 30 temperatures, no matter how fly you are-you have to keep yourself insulated. Layering is key to any winter fashion hack. Want to wear shorts in the winter?With tights and thigh high socks you’re good! Want to wear a cropped sweater? Pair it with a button down. Want to wear a graphic tee shirt? Throw a hoodie underneath it! Hate wearing big bulky coats? Long Johns, long sleeve shirts, and double socks will keep you nice and bundled with a light jacket. Layering can add flavor to any outfit, without you catching a cold doing so!

Rule #5: Can’t be fly without swag

IMB_zRNlKZ (1)

Shoulda been number one to me. Clothes don’t make you fly, and being fly doesn’t mean you have swag. As a friend put it “Swag is not what you have, it’s who you are. And truthfully, either you have it or you don’t. It’s almost in our culture to be cool, without having much slip ups holding us back. Literally. Snow and freezing rain brings upon sleet, and black ice. Yet, New Yorkers have mastered the art of sliding on ice sheets, and the long jump over a large puddle of water, and dirty wet snow (Can’t mess up the buttas!).



Stay Fly lovelies, but most importantly stay warm! What’s your favorite winter look this season? Write it in the comment section!


5 responses to “A NYers guide to staying fly and warm during the winter season”

  1. All of this!!!!! Once your coat is lit and your swag is on a million, you’re good to go! Lol. New Yorkers are DEFINITELY the MOST swaggiest people in the winter…no, all year round! Dope blog! 🙌🏿


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