Sucker fOR Love

It’s that time of year again, and I can’t help but scowl. Valentines Day. Who came up with this day anyway? Valentines day in my economic opinion, is a marketing holiday. Think about it. If you ever worked retail, you know the months of January and February is “return season.” All the horrible gifts of the holidays are returned back to the store. Traffic isn’t as busy, and some stores lose a lot of money, and alas…Valentines Day. Oh Pooh. IMG_5262

I guess from my tone of voice, you’ve probably already guessed that I’m single. Me being the equivalent of a Scrooge for valentines day isn’t because my lack of love; it’s just the hoopla that comes with the holiday-that makes me feel that I SHOULD be dating. In all actuality, I LOVE the idea of love, and what it represents. This year more than ever, I’m open to finding love, and even putting myself out there more.

Dating in this day an age sucks though, there’s no romance, and everybody all of a sudden have a Netflix account.  Call me old fashion, but if we’re dating the least you can do is take me out on an actual date. Not much of a movies and dinner type of chick; but I’m pretty outgoing. In a city like New York City it shouldn’t be hard. Does that make me a sucker?

Speaking of being a sucker, the guy I mentioned in my first blog, you know “Ballet Ready,” turned out to be a total bust. Good thing I didn’t make it to the ballet, his girl friend probably would have something to say about that. Yeah, I know! Here I am in a new year putting my self out there, and the first dude I meet, happen to be not so happening. I know it’s too early in the year to give up just yet, but I already know there’s tons of other douche bags out there.

Good thing I’m reading this book “Confessions Of A Sucker For Love” by my friend Stanley Fritz. It’s a funny book about what not to do while dating. Eric, the main character of the book finds himself in some common, unusual situations on his quest of finding love. Me being a woman, have been on both sides-the type of girl he’s dated, and of course falling for the wrong type of person. So on this Sunday, I have two plans, spend the day with Jesus, (At least I know somebody loves me) and then curling up reading this pretty dope book. There’s hope for me after all!

Confessions Of A Sucker For Love by Stanley Fritz, can be found on Amazon! 51ImlxxYHuL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_


2 responses to “Sucker fOR Love”

  1. I’m in a relationship and I feel Valentine’s Day is too much. Yes I celebrate it but others make it into something major when it’s just another day. I feel singles are more into Valentine’s day then couples. It’s the aspect of feeling let out. It’s a good idea to spend the day with Jesus and focus on yourself. Love yourself and not worry about finding love in another. It’ll come!!! And who ever said it was wrong to be a Sucker for Love!! Lol.


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