A tribute to my 20s

Farewell to my 20s!

Today is the last day of my 20’s and as I sit with that I just want to reflect:

1) The idea that success, life, and other adulthood goals have to be completed in your 20’s is false. Success doesn’t have an age limit and whatever I wasn’t able to accomplish then, I actually have the tools and the wisdom to execute in my 30’s.
2)However, I did achieve a lot that I’m extremely proud of, such as:
2a) Attending and graduating college. First, with my bachelors degree right before my 23rd birthday and then I completed my masters degree the day after my 29th birthday. 
2b) Although I’ve been working for CUNY since I was 23, my love and career in professional development didn’t begin until I was 27. That year I began working for John Jay College. I’m still working here as a career advisor and it’s fulfilling.
2c) I moved out of my parents house at 26 and a couple of months before turning 28, I had to move back in. Although I’d been out for a almost 2 years, I learned a great deal of what it takes to keep a household, patience, humility, and a new fond love for staying at home. 
2d) 26 is also the age I began exploring opportunities that’ll allow me to pay myself. I started learning about entrepreneurship and started the process of developing my own online business.
2e) At 27, I got paid for my first campaign on Instagram and began promoting myself as a blogger and influencer.
2f) And I traveled! During my 20’s I visited about a dozen of countries, went on countless trips around the country, traveled solo, and earlier this month, I finally visited Africa! Travel is more than a hobby for me, it’s my way of life and I absolutely love it. 
3)Because I will be 30, my outlook on life is different. Self acceptance and understanding are priorities to me, more than they have ever been. Over the years, and at age 29 specifically, I’m realizing that I come first regardless. With that said, practicing mindfulness is key to my success, and I’m at a very happy place. I started going to therapy this year and have a deep appreciation for mental health awareness
4) I’m also in love. This love is different, it’s empowering and it’s GROWN. I’m so grateful❤️. At one point I thought I may be too complicated for relationships, but my man is accepting and loves me fully and wholeheartedly. 
5)Yo, I’m turning 30 and I cannot wait! I use to be afraid to grow old, to be, and to feel old. When in actuality, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Youthfulness, joy, and energy all comes from within! Plus, the way my mom looks, I’ll be looking 30 for the next 30 years!

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