Always be ballet ready, not Brooklyn ready

The other day I met a cute guy at a New Year’s Day party. To make a long story short we exchanged numbers and have been texting ever since. It turns out he’s from PennsylvanIMG_3310ia, recently moved to Brooklyn and was invited to the party by the owner of the venue.

After texting all afternoon, he asked if I’d like to go to a ballet. Immediately I got excited, of course I want to go to a ballet-to be quite honest no one’s ever asked me and I’ve always wanted to go. Only problem is, I was no where ready to go to a ballet. After a weekend of partying my hair looked like crap,  and I was on my way to Bedstuy to get it done-dressed in the most Brooklyn appropriate way possible.

In 45 degree weather, it’s quite standard for me, and other girls in Brooklyn (from what I observed) to throw on some constructs(timberland’s) and a down coat-in my case my yellow down coat from Zara. Embarrassed and annoyed, I had to regretfully decline.

When we’ve met I was looking my complete best, everything was on fleek to the 10th power. So the next time I see him I want to look good.  I’m not vain where I wouldn’t go out with someone dressed how I was. I’m still cute,  just wasn’t first date cute, and certainly not ballet cute.

Which made me think about what it meant to be first date cute. If he asked me to go out to eat, something simple and casual would I’ve went, I’m not sure.  But I do know first impressions are everything. I’m not sure if constructs and a down coat makes the cut. Then again, when is it appropriate for a guy to see me in some timbs and a coat? I’m pretty down to earth in sneakers or heels, so why does it matter-or does it? Just another thing to think about as I walk out the house. “Am I ballet ready, or Brooklyn ready?”

6 responses to “Always be ballet ready, not Brooklyn ready”

  1. As a fellow Brooklyn girl timbs are life lol but there is a right time and place for them and the ballet is not that place you would of felt awkward and it would of made a first date that much harder… but being ballet ready at all times in this new york cold…I’ll stick to my timbs and down coat lol

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  2. I remember when I missed out on a last minute date to a Broadway show. My friend asked me if I was crazy-I must have been. I don’t even remember why (might’ve been along your line of reasoning), which means it probably wasn’t worth missing out on. At any rate, you’re right, Timbs aren’t ideal for the ballet, however, I don’t think he would’ve minded. And although you may not have appeared “New Year’s Day Glam,” I’m sure you could’ve worked something out. Think about that next time~

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